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M18 Miter saw?


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Any word on when the M18 miter saw will be released? I am willing to wait if its coming out in a reasonable amount of time but with no word I am going to just buy the dewalt. Unless the specs for the USA saw changed, the dewalt looks more powerful when compared to the M18 saw they have in Europe. I was surprised when there was no mention of it after the one note. Controlling my drill with my phone didn't really excite me too much. 

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Who knows - You'd think that if they had an M18 miter saw in the wings and ready to ship any time before Fall 2016, they'd be shouting about it from the highest tower, if for no other reason than to keep the red faithful from jumping on the Dewalt.  My guess is that they might have one that will showcase in next years event along with the fabled cordless nailers. 


If you need one now, go for the Dewalt.

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I I hope the 10" rumors are true because that would definately be a game changer. I don't understand the cloak and dagger secrecy of tool companies. If they already had a cordless miter saw I could understand not talking about a future one because it could hurt sales of the current saw, but to not talk about a brand new tool doesn't make sense. I went ahead and bought the dewalt and that is exactly what they don't want. Oh well, for what it's worth the Dewalt is a really good saw. It has plenty of power and is built very well and extremely portable.

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