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Tool chest

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Husky boxes are by far the best bang for buck in the industry IMO. I have the big boy in my tool trailer and it is well built and durable. I'd compare it to the likes of boxes twice the cost. 


You seem to be looking at the smaller boxes, but I have this and I'm thrilled with it: 



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any tool chest you buy must be the right one for your needs, I always look at drawer depth to make sure screw drivers will fit in drawers I want them in and other hand tools in the other drawers. I bought one from walmart 2 years ago as my first one because it was under $100 right in my budget and came with a basic set of ratchets and such.


however the box sucks and ive been looking to upgrade drastically right to the Milwaukee tool chest however the price point is still out of reach but I don't really want to waste my money on something I wont like anyways. so as long as it fits your needs than that chest should be right for you. if its your first one, you will definitely figure out what you want and don't want in a box.

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Like states before buy with what you will be doing in mind. A mechanic will need a different drawer configuration than a wood worker or metal worker. Bow big can you go and budget? Always buy bigger than what you think you need. Tool boxes fill up fast and unexpectedly.

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I was looking for a tool box spent 2 whole weekends out looking, went to sears, Harbor Freight, Northern tool, Lowes, Home depot, And other local shops but the best bang for the buck was the husky,and after watch the review on youtube from these guys it was the best bang for the buck. And I came home the second weekend and looking for home depot coupons and found one for the 52 inch 18 drawer for $498 so I printed it off last weekend and drove to the store and they match the add cause there wasn't a date on the coupon, so I got it for 498 plus tax, I came home and looked this coupon was a add from the 2013 Black friday add, OOPS but they took it and I had a 26 inch craftsman 16 drawer for about 15 years and the box was still in mint shape just out grew it and wanted a place with all my tools. after I put the tool box in place I took a couple pics of my old box and put it on facebook for sale a guy came 30 mins after I put it on there and he offered me 250 for the box, So I took it and have less than 300 in the new husky 52 inch box, This is the best deal I have ever got in my life. Thanks to the tools in action guys 

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