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Gas Water Heater- droplets of water in burner? SloMo video


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I just had a new water heater installed a few weeks ago and a little while ago I was in the basement and I heard it sizzling. I opened the cover to look in the viewing window and saw water droplets occasionally bouncing off the lit burner sizzling. I know water gets into gas lines etc. and it doesn't look like there is a leak form the tank but I've never had a water heater sizzle on me, or least never was around one when it did. Something normal or something to worry about?

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I think you might be right about the condensation. The water was running with someone taking a shower at the time so it was full burn with full fill going on concurrently. I checked it while it was dormant and no water, dry as a bone in the burner chamber. I never knew condensation would do that in a water heater, thanks.

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I'm thinking condensation as well, when we used to install new wh years ago we always told the customer it was normal to see some water under the heater for a little while, normally its the flue gas condensing for a little bit on a cold start. If the tank itself is leaking it would normally be a constant leak

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