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RCA Victor consol stereo


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I got this into the shop a few weeks ago but she needed it by Christmas so I managed to finish it yesterday. It was a nightmare because someone worked on it before and didn't do a very good job, to put it nicely. The console itself was incredible, absolutely beautiful. The wood was almost perfect...and when I say the wood was almost perfect, even the back which is particle board was 100% in tact. Some light scratches and that's it. It even has a RCA-in so you can plug your phone or whatever in the back. It's loud as hell and absolutely no hum.


Tuner and control module:




Turntable, this was a disaster. Rubber grommets that were nearly gone, idler wheel that had a chunk out of it, resistor that was causing low volume output that the previous service tech put in, ruined output jacks(he put in normal RCA jacks when the cable was a proprietary RCA type):



What was left of the grommets:



Speakers, looked to be in perfect condition and sounded like it when it was done:




Turntable back home:



Tuner back home:



Amplifier and power supply on the lower right, before replacing dried up caps:


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I love working on the older stuff, my favorites are reel to reels. I'm one of the better techs at the shop, I'm the youngest so I have seen less of the older stuff but I'm better than the other techs at figuring out how things work mechanically and fixing what the last person to service the units did. It's especially hard with something like this where I didn't have access to a schematic.

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