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Greetings from a land needing the seasons to decide whos turn it is


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How far up north? I'm down here in Washington and we've kinda got the same deal.

Not that far but in the best part - Okanagan Valley aka Napa North. Set records for highs 2 weeks ago but yesterday was bitterly chilly. I had to wear gloves, my heated hoodie, and put a jacket on top. The wind coming off the mountains has a real chill about it.

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Yes, the weather has been flip flopping over here like a politician too, you never know what its going to do. And apparently the weather companies don't know either because their predictions end up wrong. This is such an annoying period of time right now, I wish it would just warm up already. I want to get out there, mow some grass, and not have to be dressed like I am about to climb mount everest.

Flowers are coming up, tress are budding oh shit it's 34 degrees with a 24 degree wind chill.... I hate it when Mother Nature is menstrating


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