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Power tool prices and batteries might jump in price


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Just because they have the demand doesn't mean they can fulfill it. They make around 50k at max capacity currently, and that can't change overnight. It would take them years to scale up to meet the demand if it's even possible with their working capital. 


If prices increase right now it's due to speculation, not actual limited supply IMO. 

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Also I just want to add that sudden price increases would actually be the best thing that's happened to battery tech since the Egyptians started stuffing goods into the pyramids. It's literally the least productive sector in all of technology, and it's pathetic to say the least. Increases in prices leads to better and more efficient alternatives through demand. It's literally holding back the future.


Bring it on. 

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8 hours ago, PROTOOLNUT said:

Thankyou DR99 for bringing this to our attention. Sounds like Lithium is the new oil. Will the US go to war with Argentina now to get the lithium? The only way I see a battery being better then lithium, is if it got upgraded to like some fusion cell, like the ones the Terminators are powered by.


Hmm, that turned some heads didn't it, thats because I am right. Just one fusion cell could power an entire workshop for years! Imagine cars running on them? Maybe before I die we will see them?



In short, no. It's not because we can't do it however, it's because of profits. Once everyone owned a fusion cell, it would destroy the energy market. Oil companies, solar companies, wind farm companies, etc...all doing what they can to make sure nobody creates this technology because it'll put them out of business. 


Lobbying and special interest from these energy giants with trillions on hand would crush any would be companies through regulation and limitation of fair market practice. Inevitably our power consumption will exceed anything but fusion energy so it will have to go there at some point to meet our needs, but it'll be long after anyone alive today is gone (even with advancements in the medical field). 


Good analogy is that it's no different than us having the ability to edit DNA to create a breed of superior humans. We can...but nobody but the government would be allowed to touch it. But it's inevitable for the success of the human race in the end. 


As for war, no. There's a variety of alternatives to replace lithium. Sodium air, sodium ion, magnesium, aluminum ion, Zinc air...list goes on, many of them much safer than lithium ion batteries, more stable, last longer and charge faster. None are ready to replace it tomorrow but with a few years of development once there's some incentive the market will drive out alternatives. These are all evolutionary alternatives though...and I hope for something revolutionary instead in the next decade. 

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Batteries are expensive now because the manufacturers pay a fee on every battery made for furture shipping and recycling costs. this ensures tht the batteries get recycled and kept out of landfills when they go bad. They are also expensive because it is a consumable, much like printer ink. The manufacturers and retailers can charge more of a markup on batteries because the alternative is a $200-$400+ sale of an entire kit.

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1 hour ago, WigWagWorkshop said:

Not to be a dick, but politics discussion suck! And this discussion boils down to politics. When it comes to energy, there will always be Pros vs Cons. 


...Disclaimer -  WigWag searches out facts, and not newspaper HEADLINES nor "Click Bait"....




Not to be a dick, but not having political discussion is why the political landscape is a colossal clusterfuck to begin with. Because here, nor there is the proper place for conversation any longer, they tend to not happen...and everyone gets their opinion spoon fed to them through media outlets. Congratulations on supposedly searching your facts, 99% of people don't and would greatly increase their information and understanding through conversation that no longer happens through this modern need for self censorship on the topic.


Food for thought. 

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