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Makita LXDT04 Impact Driver no speed control


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My Makita LXDT04 lost the ability in the trigger to control the speed so it has an excessive high speed only.


It also goes in the wrong direction, right is left and left is right.


I have 2 others but it would be nice to have a 3rd.


What part do I need to replace?


Brush?  Trigger?


I have no idea.

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No I haven't contacted Makita, it's the first impact drill I owned so it's at least 5 years old.


if I pull the trigger halfway, it just goes to a high speed - not a speed the tool comes standard with. 


I took it apart once when the drill stopped having the torque to turn something and when I put it back together it had this ultra highspeed thing going on so I'm sure I put it back together wrong.


Niw that I recall, I guess the primary issue was that the drill no longer had the torque to turn a lag screw enough...like it was skipping instead of turning the lags.


Would that be a brush?


I kbow whatever else is going on I'm sure I can reassemble it properly, I just need to know the root cause here.

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I had the same problem with a hammer drill. it was caused by a broken wire contact on the motor sensor that is part of the trigger assembly. Cost me around $40 total, shipping and part, and about ten to fifteen minutes of my time to replace.

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