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  1. Post your OLD Tools & Accessories Thread!

    Thats sick man lol
  2. Tool Repair Shop

    Lol I do that too
  3. MAKITA LXPH03 New Brushes wont't start

    New armature I would say . if do u mean 180 degrees f ?
  4. Tool Repair Shop

    Aye lol
  5. Tool Repair Shop

  6. Tool Repair Shop

    So as you guys know I work at a tool repair shop . I took a couple of pictures for ya.
  7. 18V Brushless Trim Router

    Loved the review man what a sweet tool 😄
  8. MAKITA LXPH03 New Brushes wont't start

    Possible Burnt up armature it is common. Can U send a picture of what it looks Like ?
  9. AvE does the Makita DTD154z

    Lol I thought it was pretty sick . I Was laughing when he cut it in the wrong side 😂😂😂
  10. Don't mean to toot my own horn...

    Congrats man 😄😄 Keep up the good work 👍👍👍
  11. Custom knife

    Thank you so much man 😄😄
  12. Custom knife

    Thank you man
  13. Forum issues

    Weird anyone else have that issue ?
  14. Forum issues

    Alright thank you 😄
  15. Forum issues

    Won't let me type a message .