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  1. This happened pretty local to me. I really hope they were not doing anything stupid like removing/pinning guards open. http://www.fox2detroit.com/news/local-news/construction-worker-dies-at-troy-home-in-accident-with-saw
  2. Home Depot

    It would also make for battery ah upgrades on tools easier. The other way leads to old stock carrying older tech sometimes.
  3. Home Depot

    Wouldn't it be simpler on inventory if they stocked bare tools and if you wanted it as a kit you picked up a battery and charger kit? They offer starter kits sometimes , but this would be different, and be worth it financially. The only other thing that would be an issue is the tool storage it would have to be a tool bag over a blow molded case.
  4. It's crazy the whole swapping out brands at big box stores. A few building supply brands seem to swap between Lowes and HD. The funny thing is power tools are the one thing that doesn't change much. TTI is still exclusive to HD.
  5. Some stores can't be bothered to move old inventory or toss it. Its really dumb when respected names license their name out to crappy products. I'm looking at you Snapon they were probably the worst offender. It was crazy how many voltages they pushed back in the day you had 12v 14.4 18 might be forgetting one it was all over the place.
  6. Scroll Saws?

    I thought Comp56 had one.
  7. Home Depot

    Wow lots of price drops wonder if tool sales are slowing, or that store could just be super slow at selling larger ticket items.
  8. Us stores that will ship to aus?

    I need to set up the Black Market Harbor Freight in Australia. Just need to avoid all the taxes you could probably make a wicked profit and sell to the guys way cheaper than local market prices. You guys do really get hosed on tool prices.
  9. As seen at Home Depot

    I want to find one and write did anyone find Chevy Chase
  10. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    It's usually faster and easier shipping the item.
  11. Rocket HD

    This would be nice on a Fire Department rig too still I can't believe what Milwaukee wants for it.
  12. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    The funny this is they are doing this big construction project at the Sears by me. Part of me is whats the point. Pennys has been struggling but they are not nearly as bad of as Sears. I think 2017 might be sears last holiday season.
  13. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    We had the Builders Square Home quarters around here for a minute. Actually a former Home Quarters is a Costco now. We also had Forest City re named Handy Andy at one point also. The one thing that blows my mind is Home Depot ran 24 hour stores for a minute and I remember when all the power tools were in a tool corral at the store.
  14. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    Milwaukee has offered kits with one compact and one XC not perfect but a nice starter set.
  15. I have a Fein super cut Fein AFSC 18 Cordless SuperCut Oscillating Tool and Fein ASCM 18 QX 18 drill Ill take 299 for the supercut and 169 for the drill if you want all 3 we can do a bundle price. Your responsible for shipping costs though Also have a Metabo SB18BL Quick with 2 6.2 ah batteries and charger Ill do 299 or best offer on this drill. Get some quality german tools quick!! Sorry that I haven't been around much life has been a little crazy lately
  16. I need to get rid of these tools bad the water heater is leaking and family issues have made money tight at the moment. I really need to get the cash for a new water heater asap. I hope some of the crew has a use for these tools.
  17. The money issues haven't gotten better they are worse at the moment right now. If someone could please make and offer on the Multitool and Drill it would be greatly appreciated the water heater is leaking at the house and family issues have made money an issue as of late.
  18. I know we have some people on various social media properties doing tool reviews and giveaways. This is from the FTC as a guideline to keep you clean from possible legal or just ethical issues. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking
  19. While waiting for new Dewalt tools

    I still can't believe a tire infiltrator wasn't something none of the other brands was willing to make?!?!?
  20. Retiring an old tool

    I wonder how much it weights just buy itself. I dunno how the old guys did it carrying them heavy ole took boxes around.
  21. While waiting for new Dewalt tools

    Green is a great brand for tools no one else really made to just being an affordable 3rd/4th or 5th brand to own.
  22. Is that the one they showed at the event? It looks bigger than what I remember. One thing I noticed this year no one is really putting up good videos on Youtube from the events this year.
  23. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    No high capacity battery on the Dewalt will suck if you ever want to add a cutting tool like a circular saw or recep saw.
  24. Zoro September coupons

    Grainger is for big companies because they allow purchasing terms and purchase orders. For little guys and even decent sized small biz they are not really for us to use.
  25. They make great solid tools but their PR is probably the weakest out of all the brand. The other thing is they have such a small lineup of tools that expands at a snails pace!