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  1. khariV

    Are Milwaukee releasing a m12 fuel multi tool ?

    Milwaukee has been studiously ignoring their OMT for several years now. I suspect that it's pretty low on their list of tools to update with a fuel version because of the whole starlock development. I can't imagine that licensing starlock from Fein / Bosch is cheap. You never know though. This year at NPS, they announced Fuel jigsaws, which was another long, neglected tool.
  2. khariV

    To dado or not to dado

    Dados are great for providing shear support, but they really aren't going to provide much support at all for tension stress, which I think is going to be the primary stress your design is going to see. (Tension stress is pulling apart stress, which is going to happen at the joints when a load is placed on the end of the cantilevered tabletop). Dados will help keep the vertical piece in place, so my vote is going to be for using them. As SetBuilder said, the brackets are going to be providing the vast majority of the reinforcement for the tension stress. These probably need to be pretty beefy or the table will flex and potentially collapse when someone puts more than a cup of coffee on it. If you're considering having the brackets made for you, you could probably go with a heavier gauge steel to provide the necessary support.
  3. khariV

    What tools did you buy today?

    Bad luck. I’ve only ever had one problem with an M18 rocket light and they fixed it. All of my other red tools and their batteries seem to be doing fine, even the tubing cutter which I’ve gotten soaking wet several times and just blew it out with compressed air. I’m not saying they’re the best built or most reliable in the world, but they’ve worked well for me over the years rebuilding my house from the inside out.
  4. CPO is running a one day sale on Bosch orders. Pick the right deal and you could score 25% off. https://www.cpooutlets.com/bsh-dor-8982/bsh-dor-8982,default,sc.html
  5. khariV

    Milwaukee Packout 15” Tote

    According to the product pics on the Milwaukee website, the end, wedge pockets are for your pliers to make sweet, sweet love and soon you'll have baby pliers. Oh...and they're also to put tools in that you don't care about so they can fall out...
  6. According to Milwaukee, the 2705-20 (Bare tool) comes with the side handle, so it should have been in the box. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Power-Tools/2705-20
  7. khariV

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Barrel grip moves your hand closer to the cutting plane so in theory it gives you better control. Also, the reduced vertical height makes it a LOT easier to get into tight places and odd angles (have you ever tried to make a vertical or upside down cut with a D handle jig saw?).
  8. khariV

    Festool Cyclone!

    Just saw this in an email from toolnut. Festool is coming out with a cyclone for their d/c. I'm guessing they're tired of losing the $$$ to Dust Deputy. Looks pretty cool and only $75 more expensive than the aftermarket version, without the goofy tubes and Willy Wonka looking cyclone part.
  9. khariV

    DIY battery adapter

    Interesting. Something's not quite right with that M18 battery though... XC 2.0?
  10. khariV

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    All marketing hype aside, I don't know what options a company has on this front. Either you make a "new" battery platform, making the batteries but not the tools backwards compatible, like FlexVolt and the new M18 or you double up on batteries like Makita. Either way, people are going to be unhappy about having to buy new / more batteries. The bottom line is that more powerful tools require more power and it's got to come from somewhere.
  11. khariV

    New Shed Floor

    We probably need a bit more information on what your dad is going to be doing with the jigsaw and what does his toolbox look like. If he wants a corded jigsaw to do basic woodworking / handyman stuff, the Bosch barrel grip JS572EBK is one of the nicest you can buy, until you step up into Festool / Mafell territory. If he has a cordless battery platform, then get the one that's part of that platform. Dewalt makes a really nice 20v (DCS331B). The Milwaukee 18v one is really outdated and about to be replaced this fall with new models, so I'd shy away from that. The Milwaukee 12v jigsaw is ok, but suffers from lack of a blower. The Ryobi 18v is decent, but sometimes getting blades to fit is harder than it should be. Makita has a cordless 18v barrel grip variant that's supposed to be available in the US soon, or you can go for the 12v version. TLDR - corded - get the Bosch. Cordless - get whatever one fits your dad's preferred battery platform. If he needs one right away and doesn't care about battery platform, get the Dewalt. Just FYI - I'm a total nub compared to the pro construction and woodworking guys around here and really only know about jigsaws because I did a bit of research recently to figure out what the options were. I went with the Festool Carvex (corded) and picked up the Makita barrel grip from a crew member for cordless duties.
  12. khariV

    New Shed Floor

    Marine plywood isn't waterproof, it's made with glue that's not water soluble. You would still need to finish it with something that IS waterproof, like a good exterior grade paint or sealant. The benefit of MGP is that it doesn't de-laminate if it does get wet, but it still can rot if it stays wet and doesn't dry. You could also go with pressure treated plywood - that's often quite a bit cheaper if you can find it.
  13. khariV

    New Shed Floor

    I'd definitely say go for the jigsaw. OMT's are great for areas when you can't get a proper saw in place, but making lots of repetitive cuts is going to drive you crazy. You could probably even use a circular saw and go even faster. One thing I'd suggest is getting exterior grade plywood - marine if you can find it. Even the painting the bottom with KILZ won't last very long on the underside if it's getting wet.
  14. khariV

    How do you keep track of your router bits?

    I tracked down zip ties with flags and printed up some labels to identify which bits go into which slots. Here’s the final result.
  15. khariV

    M12 or m18 multi tool

    I use the Spyder but I really like that crevice cleaning tool. I think I'm going to order one of those.