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  1. khariV

    What is this part called?

    Good morning all. I've got a question that, while it might be better aimed at GJ, I figured I'd ask around here first, as I don't really frequent those forums much. I need the plastic piece that goes on a door strike post of a Jeep Cherokee. I found a picture of the whole assembly, which I've pasted below. All I need is the plastic piece and not the whole bolt / post. Does anyone know what this part is and if you can buy just the plastic piece. I don't especially want to shell out $30 for the whole assembly when I just need the one part. Thanks and have a great day.
  2. khariV

    18V soldering iron! YES!

    Found some more pics on another site. TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!
  3. khariV

    Broken detent pin on mid torque

    I'd leave out the things you did to it and send it back to Milwaukee with eService. I don't think the detent pin is designed to be a replaceable part or that it's supposed to wear out.
  4. khariV

    Festool $100 Off Rebate through Oct 31 2018

    My bad. When I clicked on it, it loaded from the cache and hadn’t updated to read “excluded from promo“. Now it does.
  5. khariV

    Festool $100 Off Rebate through Oct 31 2018

    I don't know - the promo is through Festool and not Toolnut and says " Any new TS 55, TSC 55, HK 55, HKC 55, OF 1010, OF 1400 or OF 2200 "
  6. khariV

    Festool $100 Off Rebate through Oct 31 2018

    I've been seriously contemplating the TSC55 deal with this - $340 for a cordless saw with four batteries is almost too good a deal to pass up. Of course, this will mean that I'll probably just go out and buy something else cordless from Festool to get a charger, so I'm pretty sure that I'll just end up spending way more than I should on tools, but that's my problem I guess.
  7. khariV

    Guild modern chest of drawers and nightstand

    Wow - I'm such a nub. I wish I had known about this when I was using epoxy to repair water damage on laminate countertops at a cat shelter I volunteer at. As it was, the thin epoxy ran everywhere and made a colossal mess that I had to clean up.
  8. khariV

    Guild modern chest of drawers and nightstand

    Interesting. I might have to read up on this to address some of my own "well, that doesn't quite fit as tightly as I'd like" joints. My only concern would be getting it everywhere as the two kinds of epoxy I've got (West and SystemThree) are so runny, it'd make an unholy mess.
  9. khariV

    Guild modern chest of drawers and nightstand

    You use epoxy for glue ups? Why not titebond?
  10. khariV

    2801 Compact Driver

    I wish Mikwaukee would start using multiple LEDs around the chuck. Having only one, no matter where you put it, always casts bad shadows on the work piece.
  11. khariV


    Hi, I'm not sure what the part no. is, but you can order the brushes online. I did a quick bit of poking around and found a couple of sites that sell them. Here's one: https://www.mrcarbonbrush.com/ems254l_compound_Sliding_Mitre_Saw/p2644628_13673883.aspx Now, getting it shipped to Norway from the UK could be a different challenge, but at least you know they're available. On a side note - I loved the time I spent in Norway. Welcome!
  12. khariV

    Ryobi 9Ah now available state-side

    I saw this the other day on HD.com. $159 is a decent price for 9AH batteries, but I think I'm going to wait to see if they show up cheaper for BF sales. On a side note, I'm not entirely sure what I'll use these for. The work light is the only Ryobi tool that I have that I can think of off the top of my head where the extra size and weight won't be a problem. I don't have the dual miter saw or vacuum. What else are people looking forward to slapping these monsters into?
  13. khariV

    Cordless drill batteries

    True - just remember to register your tools to activate the warranty.
  14. khariV

    Festool Cyclone!

    The midi does not have the power of the larger vacuums but the larger ones all have the same motors and specs. .. Here's a handy chart. https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/festool-vacuum-comparison.aspx
  15. khariV

    M18 tea kettle vacuum issues

    You can go straight to Mikwaukee and use their eWarranty service. If you don't have a receipt, they go by the date of manufacture built into the serial number. Free shipping both ways and the get the tool back to you in about a week or so. I've found service centers poor experiences by comparison.