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  1. Yeah Home Depot does suck for Makita ope, I’ve been into a fair few depots on my travels around the US. Here in a Australia Makita ope is everywhere. I have about 20 big tool shop within an 1 hour radius of where I live
  2. It’s a short nose die grinder. It’s been out for a few years now. They are bring a brushless die grinder out this year, probably only a long nose version
  3. You’d be better off with a sds plus drilling a 14 dia bit, like the Dewalt dch 273, 284 or 333. Higher rpm and bpm, they will drill quicker and get more holes per charge then the sds max units. The sds max units have higher impact joules but lower rpm and bpm, good for large dia bits and chilling
  4. If only they did that test with the new Dewalt dch733 the outcome would of been different. I tried to take the dch733 over to the makita tent at woc but they wouldn’t allow it
  5. You are correct, the die grinder doesn’t have a lock out switch. The rocker switch frees up after a bit of use
  6. The 333 gets a slightly longer run time vs the 293 from my testing. Both with 9/3.1ah FV batteries. I was drilling 24mm diameter holes and I got 1 1/2 holes with the 333. It’s runs more efficient with a higher voltage. Also like I’ve mentioned before the 333 have 30mm max capacity compared to the 293’s 28mm max capacity
  7. It’s a rocker style tigger on the die grinder
  8. Okay so one of the photos is the Id sticker which references a 12” blade capacity and an rpm of 5000 which would be to slow for a 9” disc. I heard about this FV Cut-Off saw month ago and had a patent diagram. Both were a saying 12”. No one can even confirm if it is a 9” blade on the saw at the show. I know it looks like one, maybe it’s a very early prototype and wasn’t ready for a 12” blade
  9. Yes I have. What about it ? I asked my flexvolt rep today and I was told it’s going to be a 12”
  10. So the spec sticker on the tool is wrong ?
  11. I don’t see how it is gimmicky ? Why make a 9” ? If I wanted to use a 9” I would. I work with steel, on the odd occasion Ive had to use a gas 12” Cut-Off saw for the longer reach vs a 9”. Mind you I could be working on a boom lift 12m in the air. The flexvolt would be perfect for my needs.
  12. @kornomaniac we knew it was bs. I don’t know why that person opens their month
  13. Hahaha you again. Your comment show last your knowledge. What are you talking about ? An sds max isn’t ready for batteries ? I can run my dewalt 54v sds max all day no problem, drilling 1” hole x 180mm deep. I do have a fair batteries but, so that’s the limitation. I can run cordless grinders all day no problem
  14. The dewalt will get more on a 9ah/3.1ah battery. High voltage more efficient and 20700 cells vs the Milwaukee 9.9 using 18650 cells
  15. It's common basic tool knowledge that dewalt is revamping the 12v line. The wheels are already rolling on new 12v tools. Next year will see some
  16. I got the lock on style switch 5". It's a strong grinder, quicker cuttung/grinding compared to the fuel and makita bl. The rpm is 5000, fuel, makita 8500rpm. The only negative with the new dewalt are ergonomics aren't the best.
  17. The gap is 2.5mm-3mm on current x2 tools. Spacing is bigger on the x2 grinders. New batteries are coming and they have been delayed. No information on what cells are being used
  18. I doubt they even care what people think. Privately owned company. Really the current x2 with standard gap are fine with double 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0. The x2 9" has the bigger spacing and need bigger celled batteries. X2 sds max will need the same
  19. The spacing is bigger on the x2 grinders and one of the new line trimmer. Could the new x2 power head tool. Spacing on the rear handle circ saw isn't
  20. Both I think lol Hahaha What will happen when Milwaukee bring their 21700 celled dual voltage packs next year, will they be better ? Who cares, every brand has good and bad
  21. @Framer joe You've turned the thread into a dewalt fan boy thread. No one cares that you run 2 crews, 1 uses dewalt and the other makita. No one cares you do multi million jobs. No one cares you create wealth and support multiple families. What relevance does that have to the original post ? People are sick of hearing about. What do you want a pat on the back or something ? People contribute to this world daily like you do, but don't need to brag about it
  22. Great post I get more holes drilled on the dch293 20v max sds 28mm rotary with a 20v max XR 6.0 vs the FV 6.0 From memory I was getting 4 more diameter 18mm holes at 160mm deep vs the FV 6.0
  23. Looking at the XR 20v max 6.0 next to the FV 6ah you wouldn't think you would get longer run time. Like you said who would understand it haha. Another reason why they may hold off bring the 18v 6.0 here they don't want it competing with the FV 6.0
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