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Metal connector nailer for deck ledger?


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Hey gang,

As I've mentioned in another thread, I picked up a Hitachi NR38AK metal connector nailer, thinking it would be perfect for a deck build I am going to be undertaking. My plan is to use 2x10 PT for both the ledger and for the joists, which will be 12" oc. However, from what I have read, the max of 1 1/2" nails that this nailer takes will be insufficient. That brought me to investigate just what hangers I might be using, and a trip to the Simpson Strong Tie site.


I spoke with a Simpson rep, who said the LUS series is most often used, and the LUS210Z would be the one that would be appropriate for my use. Then he mentioned that the minimum size nail for that hanger is 3". At which point I realized that none of the metal connector nailers I have seen would be up for the task, as they all max out at 2 1/2"!



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Perhaps I'm being dense, but if you're looking for nails to secure the hangars to the ledger boards, why would you want more than 1 1/2"?  A 2x10 is only that thick and if you put a 3" nail into it, you'll have half of it sticking out of the side.


Speaking from recent experience -I used 1.375" structural joist hanger screws to attach the hangers to the ledger.

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45 minutes ago, wildroamer said:

I believe the idea is to penetrate not only the ledger board, but also the rim joist of the house, and/or the foundation...

That makes sense, though every time that I've attached something to the side of a house, I've always gotten out the lag screws or concrete anchors. 

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Give this a look




You can use a  metal connector nailer to connect it to the ledger but you have to use 3in nails on the 45 degree openings on the side of the hanger This will go through the joist and in to the ledger.




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