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DHR264 - is this normal?


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Hi there. So I have the dhr264 36v sds drill. When drilling in masonry I use rotation + hammer mode. As its drilling if I apply pressure it then "kicks" the drill bit in the wall.... Is this a normal function? As I don't feel I am applying excessive force & without any force it obviously wouldn't drill as well. Just to confirm I am using sds plus bits. 

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Yeah I kind of assumed it would punch a bit. But build up to it if u get me. It just drills then a big punch once pressure is applied. Hence why I thought I would ask. Just glad it's working how it should. I guess it's more of a case of u have to get used to the drill. 

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I have the Makita XRH05Z which is the US equivalent, I believe. I only used it once to break a 4 inch slab, but boy was that fun. I know what you mean about the kick... it's strong, but watch the videos on youtube and you will see it is normal. It's really unbelievable how a cordless tool can have so much power... in hammer only mode, I remember hitting rebar with my chisel tip and watching sparks fly. The only sad part about my rotary is that it remains a trophy in my toolbox and not used enough... can't wait for my next demolition.

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