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New Brushless OMT


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1 hour ago, kornomaniac said:

That picture doesn't seem like starlock tho. Does it say so in the patent description ? :)


Could we have the link ? ^^

 I don't have the link with me. Although it looks somewhat different it'll be a quick release that will mesh with star lock tools as that's the current market trend for OMT. A patent for Makita won't include a star lock design as they don't have rights to include it but could be included at production if the patent owners give way. 

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I've done a little more reading and it looks as thought Makita have developed a method where by there's a lock-in con-rod that secures the tool against the oscillating engagement plate, released by lifting the leaver.


In principal it's the same idea as a starlock tool free tool change but with what could potentially be something else that could get lost. In the grand scheme of things there's not much in it to say it's a lot less convenient. At least now it gives a brushless, easier option for people already on the platform.


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1 hour ago, stductwork said:


This is a bad point if it's bruhless. Even worse if it's brushed.

I had to trim down couple of pressure treated 4x2 using both Makita and Dewalt OMTs. I switched between the two every 5 minutes or so to reduce blade burnout and motor overheating. From experience, there was a noticeable heat rising from the handle grip of Dewalt's BL multi; I could feel the heat transfering into my hands. A possible reason for Makita's multi staying cooler could be its big bulky body grip, which was a bit uncomfortable in long usage.

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  • 9 months later...

The small size to me suggests brushless. I was hoping this would come out before I was forced to buy so now I have the current model. It performs fine but it’s also a big lumbering log. Sure would have preferred this smaller form factor.

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  • 2 years later...

I like that they are looking to go small but it’s surprising how long it’s taking. I’m guessing they either really want this to be awesome and are having a hard time deciding they’ve finished with what they have or they’ve run into design issues. Perhaps a little bit of both.

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I really like cordless Makita tools, I have 25 or 30 of them, but Makita is annoying me with two things:


1) reluctance to make bigger 18V batteries

2) inability to introduce new BL OMT


I believe both two problems will be solved in near future. 😃 And OMT will be, based on the long working on it, by far the best OMT on the world 😁 

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