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Milwaukee M18 FPD versus M18 BLPD


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Hello all, about 12 years ago I bought a Milwaukee Loktor 14.4v drill, it served me well and I decided to buy Milwaukee again.

I ordered the M18 FPD 502X with 135nm torque. After a few days the supplier told me that particular drill was discontinued and they would send me the next model up.

I received the M18 BLPD 502C with 60nm torque. The drill specs seems the same except for this.


I'm just wondering if this drill is any good as I only use it for Farm work and and I'm not a professional user.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can tell me, Thanks. 

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34 minutes ago, AnonymousJoe said:

I would not consider this to be the next drill up from the fuel drill. It's the opposite- next step down. The fuel drill is their top drill.


Yeah, I had a feeling the company I bought it from are pulling a fast one, since I don't know much about drills. 

I've emailed Milwaukee to see what they say. Thanks Joe.

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I'm not real familiar with european models but from what I see on the European website the supplier is not correct.  The pro grade drills are the fuels, cpd being the first gen and the fpd is the newest 2nd Gen and is definately not discontinued.  The blpd is more of a homeowner grade brushless drill.  Which might be fine for your use but there should be a noticeable difference in price.

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Yea in the US they sell the blpd as a compact model so they don't offer it with 5.0 batteries.  It's probably a fine drill for a lot of things and is compact so it can get into tighter areas.  But the fpd is milwaukees latest and greatest drill and it really isn't much bigger in physical size.  Your suppliers story just isn't adding up to me.

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