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Electric Branding iron


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I've been wanting an electric branding iron for quite awhile now.  I'm not sure why, all that I know is that I wanted one.  I finally pulled the trigger and spent the $145-ish to get one.  


I sell quite a few cutting boards and other items to friends and friends of friends during the holidays and I am thinking of expanding a little.  I have an application in at a cosignment shop and I may even try doing an art fair.  If anyone has any experience with either of these, I would love to hear what you have to say.


Here are some pictures of the branding iron's work.



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11 hours ago, comp56 said:

I've been thinking of getting one also from these guys



9 hours ago, Conductor562 said:

I'd like to have the signature version, but they are pretty high. $250-ish.


Did you order it from Rockler?



I should have added where I got it from...sorry.  


Here is the website.



I did not order from Rockler.  I looked at them, but I just liked the design I picked out a little better.  I was trying to come up with a custom logo, but got frustrated with it and just went with a stock one.

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I got the Rockler one several years ago but I really like the look of yours John. I will add the Rockler one works great I have used it numerous times and it's holding up but mine is more of a pre designed type. Yours is much more individual.

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