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Need a String Trimmer: DeWalt vs Milwaukee


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Two summers ago, I purchased a 20v trimmer, last summer it died. 


I'm pretty sure I pushed it too hard...I live on an acre and would swap between 2 5ah and 2 3ah batts. Batts would run dead while at the same time getting hot. Eventually just killed the motor, probably just pushed it too hard. 


NOW, my conundrum...


Do I buy another DeWalt 20v trimmer (40v is off the table cuz I own 20v batts) OR do I pull the trigger on the new Milwaukee trimmer?


If I did the DeWalt again, I'd pace myself and not be so hard on it, but from what little I've seen online, it would appear as if the Milwaukee could stand the abuse. 


The DeWalt comes with a 5ah for $180, the Milwaukee is $300 and comes with a 9ah. 




Any otger string trimmer recommendations?


Thanks in advance. 

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Honestly, I don't think you burnt out the motor...maybe the brushes or electronics. They're REALLY hard on the batteries, lithium batteries just don't like to be driven hard and to low power, I'd imagine your batteries are next to die.


Are you invested in either lineup elsewhere? If not, I'd probably say get the Dewalt and run them until those batteries are toast. If you have other Dewalt tools and want more current, I'd consider Ego or I'd try to wait a bit and look at Milwaukee reviews. With Ego or Milwaukee you'd want to invest in at least one more battery, nothing worse than almost finishing then having your battery die on you and having a long wait to finish...and you shouldn't let the remaining life of those Dewalt batteries go to waste.


What is your trimmer doing? Does it do anything? The trigger (switch) on a lot of tools are the weak point. You could also simply have pushed the trimmer too hard and got too hot and blew up a transistor in the electronics.

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I got on a kick a couple weeks ago and watched several reviews on the two. Performance wise they seemed to be pretty much equal.


Most preferred the Dewalt for trimming and the Milwaukee for edging because of the unusual head design of the Dewalt, but both seemed to be well received.

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@n00b I would stick with a battery trimmer. Not sure if you have any other DeWALT tools but if you do I would suggest the flexvolt 60v trimmer. It comes with one 9.0/3.0 battery that works with your 20v tools. The trimmer uses a 60v motor which will perform better under load and should build up heat slower. The battery is only 3.0 amp hours at 60v which may seem low but it is actually pretty decent. Watt hours and efficiency per watt hour play a factor into runtime as well. I don't know how big your yard is or the run times of the battery in the flexvolt trimmer but you may need a second battery. You won't be able to use your 20v batteries with the flexvolt trimmer. You will need to use flexvolt batteries. The price for the kit is only $269 with one battery if you buy from acme tools.


Another solid option would be Ego. Ego specializes in quality battery powered outdoor power equipment. From videos I've seen of Ego products, they look pretty solid. When Ego is in a tool comparison video it consistently makes the top 3.


The Milwaukee trimmer is a good option as well. With the 9.0 battery the power will be good. The trimmer itself will heat up like your 20v DeWALT trimmer but I heard the battery has been designed to keep cooler than other m18 batteries. The Milwaukee will work with your small m18 batteries but the power and run time are going to be noticeably less and the battery won't keep as cool.

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