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Field review Fuel VS Flex Sawzall


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So if you want to cut 1.5" stock it's ...Fuel...and for large diameter stock it's Flex..

.     ..so if you do roof demo work and need a rafter hook ,,,it's FUEL...and if you cut everything else ..it's Flex....if you want to buy into a system for framers that don't use mitre saws,table saws,right blade saws don't have good finish guns, .........it's Fuel.....if you want to buy into a system where the majority of framers use..table saws..mitre box,,blade right saws..framing guns..finish guns..brad guns..table saws..hanger guns..power stations...and every other tool with lights.........it's ...Flex...........interesting article that a "framer" is 80% cordless but doesn't use most of the cordless tools available.,and recommends buying into Milwaukee where he doesn't use any other of their carpentry cordless tools and where Dewalt has the majority of carpentry cordless tools.....weird....

.         ...but I do love tool articles,,,thank you

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Absolutely....dewalt is generally,,carpentry....Milwaukee,, plumbers...ya some crossover stuff,,,,Makita is good too in both worlds....there's always a tool here or there that's just better and you buy into the other system......OPE...Milwaukee and Dewalt battery stuff about equal,,a few cfm or mph here or there....the Dewalt 40v OPE stuff I hear is real good.....I have the 20v max ope and badass EGO ope

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1 hour ago, Bremon said:

Ego seems like the leader of the pack. The mower puts them over the top for me. 

Ego is great. Not leader in everything but in top 3 I'm sure. Blowers and mowers are top notch. Chainsaw on the other hand gets second place which is still great.

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