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Always check your bevel


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In the name of saving time AND money....and swallowing my pride, I purchased a Rubbermade Roughneck 7x7 garden shed. As many of you know, my wife and I have been in our new home for less than a year and a shed has eluded us since the premature birth of our beautiful son. 


After much "reminding" I broke down and bought a stupid but nice looking shed to put my Wife's gardening supplies and pool stuff out of the way. The spot we chose is perfect, level, flat, slightly in the woods but easily accessible.


This summer I took down a stupid pergola like structure that was over the deck. The wood sat in a pile all summer. Yesterday I bought the shed and some CDX. Though you can build this right on the ground, only a moron would. I digress.


I cut all of the wood down to rough size with a chainsaw then brought it into the shop this morning which has remained unused ALL summer. I put this fifteenish year old PT 4x4 material to the amazing Kapex. Four7'6" lengths were what I determined. I finished the cuts and started laying out half laps with my nice square. It hit me, EVERY FU$&ing cut was off by about three degrees. I must've smacked my Kapex off of zero and NEVER checked the bevel and assumed it was square. F$&@ing putz move. Anyways, check your bevel. That super expensive miter saw is only as good as the moron using it. 👍💩

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