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Surge vs. Stealth Force?


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I'm probably going to get into one of these brands and figure this will be a decision once I purchase a combo kit. I don't care about other tools in the platform as I use corded for most everything aside from impacts/drills. In all honesty Ridgid appeals to me more due to the LSA. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :D

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Both are good units. I like the triple led on the ridgid but I would probably still go with the Milwaukee. Not sure if you have looked into Makita but you can find a similar hydraulic impact driver. Not sure how it compares just thought I'd let you know.


LSA is nice but one thing to note is it is a limited warranty.

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I know there was a time when the LSA was enticing to me as well but in the end it sounded like it was more trouble than it was worth. 


As far as the two impacts are concerned they both have different strengths and weaknesses.  The surge is great for smaller fasteners but if you want to use it for lag bolts there is a size that it physically won't do. 


I've never used a stealth force but from reviews I've seen it looks like it does well with larger fasteners and can drive them fast.  But it seems like certain situations can make it give a lot of feed back to the user and it shakes pretty bad.


Personally I like the size and noise level of the surge but I'm not trying to use it for anything thing over a 3" deck screw.  I think if I had to drive lags occasionally I would rather run a smaller traditional impact driver than running the larger stealth force.


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