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Retail Schlub in Tool Department


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Hey, what's up! My experience with tools is limited and I recently got a job in the tool department at a retail store. My aim in coming here is to learn while off the job so that I'm a little more fluid in performing my duties on the job. I've been helping more people than I hurt (maybe it's 50/50) while on the clock, but it's still the case where if I had taken care to ask small questions sooner I'd be performing better and be more satisfied with my work.


Just wanted to make a first post. I know it's a bare introduction, but I wanted to be honest about my motivation. I look forward to getting to know this place.

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Welcome!  My unsolicited advice is to listen to the customer even as you learn about tools.  Know your products and try to avoid becoming too biased toward any one brand.  Also, keep the future needs of your customers in mind.  I'm not saying to talk someone out of buying a particular tool system, but if a customer is trying to decide between, say DeWalt 18v ni-cad and 20v Max, for their first cordless drill, the latter will serve them much better for the foreseeable future.  


Also, use the knowledge you gain here and elsewhere to your advantage.  Most customers not only know their needs but are also able to conduct basic research, so trying to upsell them or talk about something you aren't familiar with will likely just annoy them.  

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