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Broken detent pin on mid torque


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I'm not sure what happened to the detent pin on my mid torque impact wrench but when I took a socket off the pin became stuck inside the anvil.  I assume that the socket somehow was hitting on the detent pin, deforming it and now it is stuck down.  I thought maybe if I drove out the spring pin the I might be able to get it out.  After a long stuggle I was able to get the spring pin out but that seemed to be broke down inside the anvil and is only about 1/3 the length it should have been.  Even with the spring pin out the detent pin is stuck.  I thought I would maybe try drill it out but it's hardened and that does nothing.  Its too small to get a die grinder at it. 


Has anyone else dealt with this issue and is there a trick to getting it out or do I just have to buy a new anvil.  It's only a year old but I assume warranty isn't going to cover this.


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Yea I've been really happy with eservice as the last few things I've sent in they sent back new tools, I just don't want to abuse it either.  It just kind of sucks because it's such a new product that none of the parts places even have the anvil.  The only place I can find one is on ebay and while they seem like a legit seller it's coming from Alaska.  


The spring pin 45 in the parts breakout looks like it has a taper on both ends but on mine it was like the ends were both broke off leaving only a small piece in the middle.  I really don't know what I could have done to break those off as they should be inside the anvil.  

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The first day I used my first new Milwaukee half inch impact wrench on a job, the detent pin fell apart. I was 5 storeys up dismantling a steel roof structure. The socket obviously wouldn't hold so i wasted half a day taking it back to get a replacement. Use warranties as much as you can, that's part of what you pay for when making your purchase.

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