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Favorite/Most Used Levels


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As the title states, what is your favorite and/or most used level?  This thread is intended to primarily discuss spirit levels, but feel free to bring up any other style if you use that kind almost exclusively.  Length, brand, type; I'm interested to hear what you use and/or prefer.


I have a number of levels but find myself using 24" and 48" box or beam levels most of the time.  Lowe's decision to clear out Fatmax levels a couple of years ago resulted in my acquisition of lengths up to 96", but to be honest I've yet to use any of those.


As for brand, I like Empire's US manufacture at an outstanding price (particularly during the holiday sales), but my Fatmax levels tend to be my standbys.  


Finally, as an aside, I just bought another 2 pack of the Empire torpedo levels.  At $5 apiece you can't go wrong, and I find them to be perfect for versatile magnets to stick on the fridge, entry doors, or elsewhere.



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I don't own any levels yet but the level at work that gets used the most is probably an Empire. It is maybe around 6 foot. I try to grab our Stabila's when I get the chance because I trust their measurements more than any of our other levels but the other guys tend to favor the Empires. I wouldn't mind getting a Stabila but they can get pricey.

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I carry 24” in 48” Empire levels in my trailer as they get beat up riding around, used as straightedges, etc. I have 24” and 48” lighted Stabilas along with the 32”/78” jamber set that life at my shop but come out when something needs to be level. 


The Stabilas have pissed a few customers off when they found out their houses/floors weren’t level (not my work). I will argue on behalf on my $100+ German levels or offer to check it with my laser. 

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Stabila is a jobsite status symbol for sure. I own 2, 4 and 6 foot empires and they are great for the price point. I’ve got a 48” stabila 196 and the reputation is well deserved. 


My next purchase will be a stabila plate level. For what I do there’s nothing that compares. 

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No brand is able to be as accurate for as long as a Stabila because they have patented the process to ensure the levels stay accurate. Maybe another brand will find an even better way but for now I will stick with Stabila. I just got the limited edition 4 level kit which uses their more entry level style of design but I still trust it over other brands of levels.

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