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Easy outs and left hand drill bits

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Hi all.

Does any of you own a set of easy outs or left hand drill bits? I'm currently looking for a set of those, not because I really need right now but just to have in case of emergency, you never know when you will break a bolt and I hate running to the shop hunting for this kind of stuff when I'm really busy.

I have read some reviews about a set of easy outs form laser tools which some guys say that they snap while trying to unscrew a bolt

If any of you uses one of these sets, what make do you guys use? Where did you buy them?

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I like the Irwin 11119 set myself. It comes with the east outs and the LH bits so there's no guess work involved. Any of them will break under the right circumstances, but a good quality set is a must. The Irwin 11119 has USA made easy outs and Brazilian made drill bits. It retails for around $35 on Amazon.

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I went on a mini buying spree last night. I ordered the above referenced Irwin easy out kit, a set of Blackhawk Crows feet (SAE), a set of 1/2" impact extensions, a pair of 537 Channellocks, and some fuel line clamps. I will report on the easy out set when it comes.

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The Irwin 11119 set came today. On initial inspection, I'm very pleased with the quality. The easy outs are USA made while the left handed cobalt bits are made in Brazil. I'll try to do a write up on them, but a real world test situation doesn't come along every day (for me), and it's kind of tricky to accurately reproduce. I'll try and work something out though.   

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