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Tool Podcasts?


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On my 10 hour solo drive home to West Virginia from Florida, I started seeking some new podcasts to help combat the managony of the flatland scenery of the south. I stumbled upon several tool related shows but one in particular caught my attention. ToolStop Podcast #68 featured some very distinguished guests, it was a 25 minute interview dated March 7, 2011 with none other than Eric and Dan. For those of you not familiar with ToolStop, they are based in the UK making Dan and Eric bonafied international celebrities!

Any of you guys subscribe to any podcasts?

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Not to bring negativity to this topic, but when I was really bored one day I stumbled upon a vodcast(a podcast that is video taped) with two guys talking about the differences between an Impact driver and a Drill/driver. Was the most difficult thing I ever listened to in my life! But i personally listen to sports podcasts, but if there are any good tools ones I would love to know where to find them.

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The only tool related one that keeps my attention for more than 2 minutes is one called Tool Talk that's put out by Tool Monger. It has different formats as some seem to be highlights of a particular subject while some are more like a what's new in tool land type of format. All other tool related one's I've found are real snoozers. There are lots of woodworking podcasts, but the ones I've tried to listen to are just plain boring. I sometimes listen to "Stuff you missed in history class" but I really only listen to podcasts on long drives.

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