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If you're like me, and most of you probably are, you have enough tools to outfit an entire crew. Some are likely very good while others not so much. My question for you is this: If you could recommend 3 tools you own that stick out above all others as being exceptional in quality and/or function, what would they be? It can be a power tool or hand tool, but please include your reasons for recommending it. 

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1. DeWalt 20v max impact: This has unbelievable power and performance, even for a brushed tool with a 1.5 amp hour battery, its feels like I never charge it. The 3 led is the best for low-light conditions.


2.DeWalt random orbital sander: Sanders have one job, to sand but this sander is like no other. It feels great in your and while the vibration is very low. It makes quick work of any sanding project and comes with a long cord. The price wont break the bank either.


3. Irwin GrooveLock Pliers: even though i just got these the other day, they already stand above the rest in my tool box. The curved jaw has deep grooves for maximum gripping power. The Groovelock action makes a quick job of adjusting the jaws to the right sized bolt. And for when you using some muscle to get a bolt off the ergonomic handles feel great in your hand.

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1. Proto "Palm Control" flex head ratchets (models J4757F, J5257F, and J5457F). If theres one hand tool you don't want to skimp on, it's ratchets. The 72 tooth palm control ratchets offer comfort, smooth operation, and with 13 tooth engagement, making it possibly the toughest fine tooth ratchet on the market. Snap-On fans will shit in their panties when you tell them that, but it's the truth. These are also sold under the Facom name and the differences are purely cosmetic. 


2. Channellock model 386 bent nose pliers. Most people don't own bent needle nose pliers and a lot of people don't even know they exist, but they are extremely handy when working around any sort of obstruction. I find myself reaching for mine all the time, even when they aren't really required.


3. Milwaukee 6394 Tilt-lok circular saw. I've used lots of circular saws over time from at least a dozen manufacturers, but the 6394 equipped with a Freud Diablo blade is the finest cutting model I've ever had in my hands. The Tilt-lok handle allows you to adjust the saw for comfort at any angle and the tool-less adjustments are a nice touch. Milwaukee claims it to have the highest power to weight ratio of any 7 1/4" saw and I don't doubt their claim. The same saw is available without the electric brake as a model 6390      

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Why would you prefer a non electric brake over the electric brake version? The electric brake seems like something tool companies would prefer to sell because it makes the tool a little bit safer. You know guys like to pin guards open and such I know they are being stupid in the first place,  but you figure they would want to mitigate any issues as much as they can.


I'm going to have to think about this list though I like a ton of tools picking the top 3 is really making me think about what tools I really like the most.

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1- dewalt 24v recip saw it as 2 speed . speed 1 for metal cutting and speed 2 for wood it have space for a spare blade it have the option to use a AC/DC converter if you need to plug it in an outlet and a ton of power

2- hilti deg600 6in angle grinder it have so much power and you dont even feel it you can work with it all day long

3-jawhorse its versatility toughness clamping force user frendly portability

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