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Looking for an angle grinder, one-handed bit change


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Hello All,

I'm looking for a rather odd combination.

I only have only one hand, and when working with an angle grinder, I find it exceptionally frustrating when trying to change attachments/wheels.

I absolutely love the locking spindle solution that the guys at Black&Decker/RTX came up with for their rotary tool, they call it Flip-Lock, and it locks the spindle without having to hold that tiny pin in place.

This isn't exactly a common issue, and it seems it's barely mentioned on most manufacturers' websites.

Is anybody aware of an angle grinder that has something like this flip-lock spindle lock?

Sticking a screwdriver in the motor to hold the cooling fins worked for a little while, but it's not a good solution.



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Looks like the DeWalt is just a gimmic, the manual and DeWalt say "loosten [or Tighten] with wrench" which kind of makes the whole thing a load of tripe.

Metabo however, that looks awesome.

I was thinking something simple like a spindle latch rather than just a button, but that looks like a great idea.

I appreciate it!

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Get the quick change nut that is on mine because it fits almost any grinder press lock button flip up D handle on nut, loosen to remove and Bob's your Uncle disc is off.

It is a pain in the ass finding the spanner on most grinders to change discs.

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