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What is This ????


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It looks to me like a device where you  put a padlock through the two holes which locks the curved bits together to restrain something either  chain or gates or something so a small padlock can lock something larger or maybe even a bicycle to a post as an example.

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So I have been doing some searching all over (even google's image searching).  I can't find exactly what it is but I'm thinking if may be an antique wagon hitch. I'm guessing the center poll going into a hole (like a beam on the front of a wagon) then it folds around the beam. Then it bolts on something.  Here are some links I found that may be helpful:


http://www.farmcollector.com/blogs/blog.aspx?blogid=2147483839 (they have mystery farm tools there)


antique wagon hitch  (google search for antique wagon hitches)

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My first thought was tractor-pin or hitch-pin. Doesn't look extremely different from pins used today on tractors. looks like it locks a connection to me. So, I'd have to agree with Harold. We find things like this on our farm all the time.


I am interested in seeing exactly what it is, if it isn't a hitch-pin.

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