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Milwaukee has THIS for $200...it fits any SDS rotary hammer. 


Makita has THIS...but you have to purchase their SDS rotary hammer. Not going to happen.


I have the DeWalt 20v SDS Rotary Hammer and the DeWalt Dust Extractor and the DeWalt 20v Vac. All great tools and I'm glad I have them but I really wish DeWalt would come out with a deal similar to the Milwaukee attachment. when on a jobsite, the less stuff you have to haul around and the less trips to the truck, the better.


I'm toying with the idea of getting the Milwaukee setup and selling my DeWalt extractor attachment. AS soon as I do, DeWalt will come out with one though. If I had the Milwaukee, they do have some other 12v tools that DeWalt doesn't have. So who knows.......maybe.....

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I'm over Makita. They've been standing around with their thumb up their ass for at least 3 years now. They must focus primarily on the Asian market these days. Their global site has lots of stuff we don't have here.

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Yeah, I've seen those. My complaint is the number of pieces I need to cart around when needing to vacuum while drilling. ....Unless you were linking to another video. If it was the one with the built on vac, that's the 36v which I'm not about to get.


Makita has a great solution. The vac runs off the power of the battery being used in the rotary hammer. Turns on when you start drilling and off when you stop drilling.


Milwaukee is nice enough to offer a universal solution which is a clever way to lure consumers in to buy other tools in their line. Smart on their part. And same deal - Turns on when you start drilling and off when you stop drilling.


DeWalt pretty much forces you to cart around multiple pieces - that's my main complaint. Not to mention having to turn on a vac drill, turn off your vac, turn it on, drill, rinse and repeat....


I know it's still a nice set up compared to what was available years ago, but it's not years ago. DeWalt needs to step it up in my opinion.

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I know, it's like they've wrote us off over here. Bosch has a "green line" that isn't even sold here. It's more like a euro version of Skil, but has way more than the Skil line.

The cordless hot glue gun is pretty cool and would sell pretty well I would think it would be an awesome holiday stocking stuffer. They also have a 12v rotaryhammer Skill is pretty useless otherwise with their product line except for the skill saw.

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We tested some Makita tools, and the day of filming they were not too bad.

But within a week the brushless combination drill had a wicked chuck wobble, the lack of a charge indicator on the batteries had become truly boring and to be honest it was like stepping back in time rather than being wowed by new products.

The 18v S.D.S drill was genuinely a good tool.

Yet some Makita corded tools I have like my lightweight S.D.S corded drill and my corded palm sander are very good tools.

I wonder if events in Japan with the disaster they had when the sea basically ate a chunk of mainland Japan killing thousands and laying waste to a vast area of coastline has hit them very hard?

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