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My First Three Woodworking Projects.


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I’m still fairly new to woodworking, and try to learn every day. What got me going was the gift of a Craftsman Job Site Saw for Father’s Day last year, some my excuse for never building things was not having the proper tools, lol. 

First off, This tool needed a proper outfeed table/ work bench to work off of. The bench in my garage was original to the house and was a stationary piece that was thrown together with scrap wood. In other words…..it had to go. So I figured a new bench that was mobile would do the trick. It did.


Secondly, my wife used our Biden Bucks to buy a new TV. Only the entertainment center was too small, and she couldn’t find or was unwilling to buy what was at the local stores. Enter the new tools. I built something that fit our needs, basic to be sure, but the old lady loves it.


Lastly, she wanted new End Tables to match the Entertainment Center. So I obliged. Again, nothing fancy, but she digs it. Since then, I’ve just been buying tools and setting up shop in the garage all while co letting “honey do” items in the house. Once wood comes back down in price, I’ll start with some new projects.


Edit: Bonus 4th project. My daughter needed a new cabinet in her bathroom.





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Great work!  I can't wait to set up my shop starting in a few months.  I've only built rough patio furniture and workbenches so far, but want to get into building my own furniture.  


I may have to break down and buy a table saw, as I only have the FlexVolt, but at least my FlexVolt miter saw is hybrid.  I also have two DeWalt 20v Max 7-1/4" miter saws I plan to put finish tooth blades on.  Otherwise, for now, I have a NIB Ryobi band saw, NIB Parkside (Lidl) combination grinder/belt sander, NIB Parkside bench top drill press, and a number of cordless routers and sanders (I think I have both DeWalt and Ridgid 1/4 sheet and ROS as well as the Ridgid belt sander).


For the next few months I'm stuck packing for a 1000+ mile move, then I get the joy of collecting full pay and benefits for a few months as I unpack, set things up and build stuff, and look for a new job.

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