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DeWalt tool comparisons

Maintenance 6

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Well……the models you listed are going to be phased out soon. The two newest models are the DCF 850 and DCF 840.


The DCF850  is the newest ultra compact 3 speed brushless impact driver. Tons of power in something as small as the old Atomic was.


The DCF840 is the newest single variable speed modeled to take over the 887’s spot. I would assume later in the year they will make a 3 speed version of this as well. That model will be the 887’s true successor if the 850 wasn’t.


I would also assume later in the year there will be a version that supports Bluetooth tracking as well. If you are looking to buy sooner than later, buy the 850 and call it a day.



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For what it is worth, I sold my 887 for the 850 as an impulse because I wanted that ultra compact. So far not too impressed. Serious chuck wobble. Great power, and the size is ridiculous but that chuck is pretty iffy. I won’t lie though it is crazy small. I have been running the new power stacks on the 850 and makes for a really small footprint but the wobble is pretty noticeable. I can work with it but it is noticeable.

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Typically "XR" is dewalts top of the line brushless tools.  So the xr dcf887 while old now was their top tier brushless 3 speed impact.  The dcf 888 is just the 887 with tool connect, which for most people is a pretty useless feature. 


In the last couple years dewalt has come out with the atomic line of tools.  They started as being a compact line of tools but no one really knows if they're the replacement to the XR line or not.  When they first brought out the atomic line they released the dcf809 but everyone kind of found out it was a dud.  It's pretty underpowered and not much smaller than any of their other impacts.  Then recently they released the atomic dcf850 which really appears to be replacing the dcf887 as the flagship although there are some people that are hopeful that a new XR version is still going to be released.


The dcf885 is a old brushed model which is nothing fancy but we still have some working everyday on a jobsite that are 5+ years old. 


There are a few other impact models you might find which they like to put in holiday specials or kits at the big box stores.  They might be brushless but they're usually a cheaper tool that might only have a single speed.  The dcf787 is one of these models that has been out for awhile.  The dcf840 is a new one of these models, which I think is pretty much their 12v impact that they put a 18/20v battery on but it from what I've seen seems to be getting positive reviews.



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On 4/27/2022 at 11:41 AM, Maintenance 6 said:

I looked at DeWalt's on-line catalog and that's where I got the model numbers. All of them are currently listed, but they really do a poor job of listing the features so that you can tell the differences.

Thanks for the replies and info.

Yeah, they are pretty vague as some models are out to hit certain price points. I’ll work off their list that they have listed as newest to oldest….. A “B” usually means bare tool. A “C” means combo kit.

850- Most recent Atomic model, 3 speed Brushless. 

885- Basic entry level brushed model. A solid DIY tool.

787- Basic entry level brushless model with a single LED light. Single speed trigger.

840- If things go accordingly, this should be an upgraded replacement for the 787 since there is no speed selector.

887/888 - These were the top dogs of the line before the 840/850 came out. 3 speed. Pro grade tool.

809- The old Atomic that was replaced by the 850.

825- Very old 18v stem battery model.


As I said, the 840 and 850 are the newest models with better or equal stats to the 887 depending on batteries used. And it will be amazing to get a 3 speed 840 sized impact later in the year as it is smaller than the 887, but just as powerful.


So buy accordingly. Buy what you think will suit your needs.


Edit: With the 885 brushed model. Some owners just go ahead and replace the brushes on them. There are tutorial videos on how to do it on Youtube.





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