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Yup DJ. That's the T15+3 Festool 15v Drill. I just bought that Thursday. Awesome tool. It has several really cool driver chucks including a right angle chuck and another offset chuck that will help me immensely while doing cabinets. I am literally crying watching this Hahahahaha. The Festool line is amazingly durable, like Metabo. Completely designed to withstand anything out there.

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I don't know about you guys but I have never worked underwater but have been caught out in the driving rain where my tools are drenched and they worked fine till the job was finished and to this day they still run and work fine 

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Same here Regopit. My M18 set and I have worked out in below freezing temps too. The tools and batteries performed flawlessly. I will also say, my neighbors daughter, Hope, found and 18v Porter Cable Lihium Impactor on the road near my house. She though it was mine and left it on my back steps. I was in Bar Harbor for a long weekend with Samantha and when I got home, I see the 18v Impactor on my steps. It was soaked. It poured out for two days in Rochester. The temps got down in the low 30's. I picked it up, shook it and water poured out. I pressed the trigger and BAM! It ran. Drove some screws. Unbelievable. PC makes a pretty decent impact driver guys.

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