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Having rebuilt my old black and decker 18v nicad lawn tools with 4200mah nimh cells a while ago, I'm used to much longer runtime that 1.5ah provides.  So after buying a set of the 20v lawn tools (trimmer, edger, blower), I checked to see what would be a decent upgrade to the cells in here, and I found that Sanyo sells another battery with the exact same dimensions that are 3.0ah (probably what is in the dewalt 3.0ah pack - Li ion 18650 Battery Cell Sanyo UR18650ZTA 3000mAh).  But, before I break out my soldering kit, I thought I'd ask if anyone has replaced these battery cells yet?  If so, anything to watch out for?  It looks like since there is already circuitry for making sure overcharging doesn't happen, that the upgrade would be very straightforward.  Any info appreciated.  Thanks.

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Dear Timcredible,

I see nobody is responding to your post - shame...

I also have the same battery but even worse - LB20 - which should be even less powerful then "rat under scalpel"  ;)

Recently I dissembled almost new HP 7400 laptop battery to gain eight Samsung 2600 mA/h batteries which would certainly last for long (after charging they show good 4.15V at no-load).

They even have tabs soldered, meaning the soldering would do no harm during rebuilding process, but I really don't know: will the onboard electronics charge normally 2600 capacity whilst designed for 1500 or even less? if it takes just longer, well we can live with that I gues..

Whom could we apply for sound answer (except Black&Decker of cause ;D)?



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The higher capacity cells can't provide anywhere near the high current tools require.  They will get hot, burn out, actually have lower capacity, or all of the above.  The current cells used in tool batteries are just about the best available for the task.

Well I guess we are talking about different issues...

Nobody needs higher current - all we need is longer (required) current per hour!

If your device is "out of breath" in 30 min with 1500 ma/h batteries it'll certainly work for (at least) 50% better with 2600 ma/h before reaching same condition. Alas, you'll get 45 minutes of runtime. I think its just great to achieve this with laptop batteries which lasted longer then the laptop itself  ;D

The actual question is really simple: will onboard electronics of the BATTERY let the standard charger do its work for just longer and WILL NOT OVERHEAT?

We need answers....

Thank you to all of community for support!!!

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I understand you don't need higher current, but the high capacity cells are only good for about 1/10th the current of the high power cells before capacity and lifespan drops off a cliff.  So far no manufacturer has figured out how to do both at once.

look at this chart: http://www.panasonic.com/industrial/includes/pdf/ACA4000CE305-UR18650ZTA.pdf

Capacity goes down with heat and high loads, and in this case you'll probably get both.

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Hey Guys,


As you may know, The Craftsman 20v max Bolt-on system is the same exact battery and is interchangeable with the Black and Decker 20v Max.


I did exactly as you described. I took the cells from an old laptop battery (LGES318650) and soldiered them into the Craftsman 20v max battery case. Replacing the bad LI cells. It works! no heat, no real problem.


The ones in the case were 18650's @ 1500mah. The ones from the Laptop are 18650's @ 2400mah. I soldiered them in my drill battery case and charged the battery. It works great. Just as long as I pull the trigger slowly from slow speed to fast speed it's perfect. However, pull the trigger fast, asking the drill to go full speed, "uh NO! I can't and I won't." icon23.gif 

Does it have anything to do with the difference in mAH rating? The originals are 1500mAh, the ones from the laptop are 2400mAh. it's like the battery cells wont deliver high current at a fast rate. But, they will deliver the high current if you ask nicely.


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You have it right that the cells from a laptop battery can't handle the high draw that a power tool requires. I also wonder if the difference in amp hours might also confuse the tools overload protection and such. You really should try to match the cells exactly as close as possible to the spec's the tool manufacturer used.

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The current draw of the drill on the laptop batteries seems fine only if you go a little slow on the trigger. It just likes it better if you don't ask for full current all at once. Only talking a quarter of a second really. Once it's going its full speed and full torque. Works really great. There's just that getting it started issue. I am extremely happy with the result. Saved me $40.

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Note that the 20v Black and Decker battery and the 20v Porter Cable battery are essentially interchangeable.  There is a small "notch" on the right side of a Porter Cable battery (looking into the connector).  There is an identical "notch"  on the left side of a Black and Decker 20v battery.  A Dremel will put the notch on the opposite side is less than a minute.  Then the battery will fit either brand's tools or chargers.


Note that Amazon gets $66 for the 4AH Black and Decker 20v battery while the equivalent Porter Cable 20v battery is $91.50.


Just FYI,



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