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Tough System Expansion / DS250


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the tough system is being expanded with a "new box" ;

the DS250 is just around the corner


It is a two  DRAWER UNIT

8 removable organiser cups (6 small & 2 large) in top drawer

Engineered plastic side clips for stacking

Locking side handles

Heavy duty ball bearing sliding drawers

looks like it will be already available in September2012 in Europe

((the tough system is not compatible with the TStak system which is also being introduced))


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Aah, that's cool. Yes, that's my van, but never seen it like that with DeWALT and XR branding.

Someone from DeWALT told me the picture went around most of their offices in Europe.

Thanks for sharing.

Pictures are back up now and made some new ones as well.

I'm wondering. Your cases are sitting fairly close to eachother. Don't you have any problems taking them out? (lifting the side handles)

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Checked out your photo's and they look great... My Van is a VW T5, so is much smaller than yours, although I have 19 tough boxes in total in the Van..

The boxes are fairly close to each other, although you can easily lift the side handles to release them. The van is pretty tight on space from the back doors to the bulkhead, so everything is measured to the last MM..

Thats why I have the trestles hanging just inside the curves of the back door, and have my 2.6m Rails (2off) slotted above the Boxes in the Birch Ply channel on the RHS of the Van.

On the LHS there are 3 wooden shelves (screwed to 25mm box section rack) to hold tools and miscellaneous. These too are built in Birch Ply, Dovetailed on the edges and lacquered..

I will post up some more pics at some time, although I believe that Dano-uk has posted you some..

My set up means that I can unload the van, including racking in under 10mins to have a completely empty shell..  

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I have started doing this in my job trailer and was wondering what you were using to mount the rails on. I have bought 1" square tubing from Home Depot and the brackets have a little trouble sitting on that.

Hi Addicted....

I used 'metric' equivalent to 1" square tube (being in the UK) and this seemed to fit really well.. It was even able to cope when I had the rack powder coated.. Using steel (as opposed to Aluminium) means that the corners are slightly rounded, and does not cause an issue..

Here's a shot of my bare steel from and a bracket..  More photo's kicking around if you need..

Hope this helps..


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