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My tool bag and power tools


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Now I don't compare to most people on here but I'm young and this is my start. I've focused a lot in electrician tools because Im currently pursueing an apprenticeship, and probably going into the program in the local college. My power tools are corded because I dont use them everyday and would hate to spend money on a battery I use maybe 2-5 times a month. I'm thinking about getting a wera insulated screwdriver set but im not sure yet. But these are a lot of the tools I do more the on and off maintenance work I get. Any suggestions on electrician tools let me know!

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@DR99 I actually just picked them up today, I havent had a chance to use them but its a nice little set for 40 bucks. @Sparky603 A lot of this is stuff i've upgraded over last 2 years, after my grandfather passed away I got a lot of his tools but, I'd rather keep them rather than batter them with how I treat tools. I'd like my (future) children to have them someday.

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The price comparison just seems way in the favor for Wera compared to klien. Now don't get me wrong I love Klein and USA made tools and supporting the country's economy but with the price comparison it seems as if your paying for the name rather than the screw drivers actual function. Then again I could be wrong in terms of the two companies quality in terms of insulated screwdrivers. I've read they're both great but wera is more affordable. I've used Klein's and Milwaukee's but not wear.How do they hold up in comparison to Klein Insulated?

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