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Disruptive err Innovation?


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Hahahahaha sounds like the Milwaukee Skunkworks team had too many brews Friday! I would refer you to my review posted in January of their innovative bottle opener for further research into what can only be called a Friday Night Abortion!

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Klein has shears 2, I think they are nice looking

Well there are a couple of big differences. Klein acquired a company that makes hundreds of different scissors and shears. The electrician shears are palm sized and made to cut shielding and strip wires. The jobsite scissors are made to cut paper.

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Scissors are a tool and people like me use them.  The fact that they are Steel and Carbide make them a top contender in scissors now.   
 I've seen them getting a lot of flack over making them but just because one has no need for them doesn't mean they shouldn't make them for those that do.  

ie. The Knoickout set, I'll use it but its completely useless for a cabinet builder or the pro-pex and press tools for me as an electrician but that doesn't mean they shouldn't make it.  

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