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Road Trip


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So I took off for a couple days and ran up to Chicago to hang out with Dan and Eric. We talked about TIA, shot a few videos, and cleaned out Dan's garage.

They are both fantastic people. Dan put me up, Eric bought my lunch and dinner, and the State of Illinois only charged me $23 in tolls for my visit.

I had a great time. Not sure I'm cut out for videos though. You don't realize how weird you look and sound until you see yourself on camera.

We came up with some cool ideas to shake things up a little on the forum including prizes for post count milestones, exclusive giveaways, and some integration with the main page. I'll provide more details in the next couple days.

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Cool stuff there Conductor!! It would be cool to see more forum content on the front page. I just want to know how they talked you into cleaning Dan's garage, So I guess Eric is right that Dan's garage looks like a nightmare then :) Maybe one of these days I will make the journey to TIA's Mecca aka Dan's garage!! :)

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How long of a drive did you have


Right at 8 hours. It's a long 8 hours though. The only actual town between Indianapolis and Chillicothe, OH is Dayton. That run across Indiana and Ohio is a killer.


I did see my first big wind farm though. I never realized how huge those turbines are.

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It's pretty crazy to watch them move by rail I have seen a few videos on Youtube. They made cradles for the blades that actually move because they are so long they need the movement for the curves on the rails.

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That's not to bad. I go to Chicago about once a year but I usual fly but that's starting to be a pain in the ass and the cost is climbing fast, so if  go in September I'm thinking about driving. I know that the drive to Ohio is a long and boring trip so how much worst could it be to Chicago.


Those wind turbines are huge. We would watch them load them up at the port to send over seas.

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