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Home Owners Associations Are Just Evil.


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The problem is its usually senior citizens that have nothing better to do, or stay at home moms that just want to bitch about something and how its unhealthy for their kids. Its not like they are playing in the vapors and saw dust. I get that I wouldn't want a person with a million junked out cars an an messy yard but we all need a middle ground of what needs to be enforced and what's considered what you can do on your own land. I could never live in a HOA I have heard way too many horror stories about people getting worked up over stupid shit and not the stuff that really matters.

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Property was at a premium in the little town I grew up in. Most of the kids that grew up there moved to a neighboring town because there weren't any houses for sale and when they did pop up, they wanted 40% more than the house was worth.

A builder secured some property outside of town and built a big subdivision. We looked at a home that was one of the larger homes there. Like 3000 square feet for $280,000 and he told us he'd take $269,000. We loved the house and even though it was a little over what we wanted to spend, it was doable.

Before we made an offer the President of the HOA stopped by to introduce himself. He asked me a little about myself. I told him what I did for a living and that in my spare time I liked to work on things and build primitive furniture. He quickly informed me that there was no power tools allowed to be ran outside of the garage or with the door open and no automotive work allowed in the driveway. There were restrictions on playhouses, fences had to be vinyl, even certain types of plants.

I told him thanks for the heads up, got in my truck, and left. The builder apparently got pissed and they called 2 days later and said the only way there would be an issue with my hobbies were if someone complained.

Fuck all that shit. I'm not paying a quarter million dollars to have some old bitch next door make me miserable and dictate what I'm allowed to do in my garage. That's where Conductor draws the line. I can live with their fancy fences, plants, Christmas decoration requirements and all the other commie bullshit, but they can take their garage restrictions and stick them up their ass.

We really aren't subdivision people anyway. Between the kids fighting and throwing shit, Mrs. Conductor yelling at them to quit, and my fascination with power tools and night owl tendencies, we're better off right where we are. 4 miles outside of town without a neighbor in earshot.

Mrs. Conductor and I aren't Ward and June and Conductor Jr. sure as hell ain't the Beav

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Haha, I bet that builder was fuming on what he though was a done deal, but at least the HOA president gave you the heads up. Like I said I'm pretty tolerant about most things some HOA's have rules that you can have vehicles parked outside your garage there was a news story about that awhile ago, and then you have the crazy ones that fight old veterans about flying the American Flag or Marine corps flag. Stuff like that infuriates me. Like I said earlier I don't want some guy running a wood shop or auto repair garage out of his back yard that could get old really quick, but if some one is doing it as a hobby I can't bitch about that. It's like when I read about when people bitch about living next to a farm and they complain about the smell. If the farm was there first you have no reason to bitch about it. It was your dumb ass that didn't take into account that farms stink when its hot out.

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Some people are so disconnected from how things work in the real world now. It's pretty sad there are a lot of guys now that are probably afraid using a power tool as simple as a powered drill. I can't even imagine how they would react handling something like a recip with I consider a fairly safe tool.

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