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Augusta Georgia


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I'm headed to Georgia Monday-Thrusday for an install at a museum around the Augusta Canal. First time I have had to ship my install tools, hope they make it.


Anyone have experience in Georgia? Wheres the good place to eat?



"The nation's only industrial power canal still in use for its original purpose. Built in 1845 to harness the water and power of the Savannah River, the Augusta Canal offers history, recreation and unique experiences along miles of towpath, trail and waterway."




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I've spent some time in Georgia. Mostly in Atlanta, but I spent a few days in Augusta once. I didn't have a lot of time to dick around, but if you like history the have a decent history museum (a lot of Civil War) and The Cotton Exchange was a major hub for world cotton commerce in the antebellum period.

Just remember, the south remembers history a little differently than the rest of the world. History is most generally told by the winner. That doesn't always apply south of the Mason-Dixon.

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I survived the South! The time change was a real bitch, waking up at 3am my time to get to site.. :( 


All went well, not enough per-planning lead to a few 'gotchas' but in the end, a couple 16 hour days and The Augusta Canal Interpretive Center at Enterprise Mill has a new theater, complete with a PLC control system. I didn't have much time to take pics but I did stagger around about 2am and snap some photos. Ill post when I transfer from the mem card.


The museum was interesting, they have two working power generators. The canal runs the water turbines and spool out 10Kv! The use about half the power generated for their building and sell half back to the grid. Enough to power 600 houses I think. Lots of history and a few really nice people.

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I spotted a guy wearing a Bosh polo on my flight home. I could not resist giving him shit. I asked him why I didn't win the Dodge truck or any power tools. I told him I didn't think anyone one.. He said it was some other guy hosting the contest. I left by saying I'm going home to my Milwaukee tools.  All in good fun though, the tone was light... but I do still believe the Bosh giveaway was a shame.

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