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Jawhorse - SheetMaster


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I don't think this goes in the Hand Tools section...but definitely doesn't go in Power Tools!


So, I'm that guy....the one guy to have a problem with the Jawhorse!


I don't have any issue with the product....super innovative, and it can make a simple task of material support almost a joy to do....I used to spend so much time finicking with material I was working on to make sure it was level, straight, and perfect before I made any cuts....I want my work to be as close to perfect as possible...the Jawhorse makes that soooo much simpler with it's capabilities.


My issue is that the Jawhorse I purchased appears to be defective. When I switch the latch down in the lock position, and try to pump the pedal to secure a work piece, the pedal would not lock down...


After fooling around with it for a while, I got it to start "slipping" the lock mechanism...and realized there is something faulty at the end of the "rail" where the clamp slides....there are 2 little pressure points that play some role in the locking mechanism...and there wasn't enough pressure on the back end for it to lock properly. I figured all this out in my second use of it....not too happy.


Fortunately, I purchased through Amazon, and I'm going to get a replacement...but I'm still not happy about having to spend a lot of money on material support for a top quality product, and get a defective model....but, as long as I get a good one next delivery, I'll be happy!


Anyone have similar problems? Anyone know of anyone else with a Jawhorse problem? (I dont)... Does anyone have any advice, or thoughts?



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DJ that sucks man when u buy something u want and it doesn't work I've felt that tease b4 but amazon is really good at replacing and they will take care of u, I bought mine like 2 yrs ago on sale for under 100$ and it's been great to me I take it wherever I do a side job there just so handy to have.hope everything turns out good Dj

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amazon is the best at customer service so no worries there, I haven't had any real problems with mine. I use it a lot and have only had the mechanism that grips the rail jaw and pulls it tight slip like twice on me. I don't think its faulty or anything my guess is that the teeth that grip the rail were probably on the tip when I tightened it but when they did slip it got the next set of slots to grab from and no problem. But like I said this has only happened twice so not an issue

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