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The Fastest Way to Debadge a Car (Rebadging a Mustang 5.0)

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This definitely works quite well. I have done it on my car to remove some of the unwanted name badges. I didn't have an issue with the adhesive sticking though, the entire emblem and sticky backing both came off of the body together.  I guess I got lucky, haha!


You do have to be careful with the heat gun. If you don't move it around and disperse the heat appropriately you can cause warping and cracking or even melting of the paint.

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I picked up another car back the first of the year and decided I wanted the dealer's big, ugly badge off.  I used a hair dryer and it seemed to work pretty well.  Hair dryer, my thumbnail, and a little Goo Gone on a paper towel followed up with soap, water, and a bit of wax, and it looked good as new.

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I've used fishing line and WD-40 in the past which has worked great for me.


I do get a kick out of the guys that remove the badges with alignment holes and leave the holes. I'd rather have a badge than a group of random holes.

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