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Trying out new tools from Milwaukee


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Got a chance to talk to my Milwaukee rep last night and he gave me a few tools to try out. Most of them have been used to show customers how they work, but are still in pretty good shape.




M12 Fuel SDS 5/8" hammer drill

Laser Distance Meter (I wasn't even aware they made this)

M12 Right Angle Drill (This was awesome since I started a topic earlier on this!)

Two pack of vice grips

M12 Blue Tooth Radio



The top three will be cool to mess around with, I have about five pairs of vice grips, but it never hurts to try a new product. When I get time later I will post a few photos. The hammer drill is the most used, but if I like it I am pretty sure I can get it cheaper because of that fact.






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Just been messing around with the SDS, it drills with a 3/16" bit pretty easy. I wouldn't say it is as fast as using a corded model, but it is pretty quick considering it is a 12V battery. Also, I will probably stick to smaller holes as I don't want to wear the tool out.

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After getting to use the tools for a week I thought I should do a slight review.


The hammer drill rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who has small holes to drill in concrete or block. Also, I really like their laser distance measure tool. While it is not something that you are going to use on a daily basis (not me anyways) it is something handy that I can keep in my trailer in case I need just a quick measurement.





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