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Cobra Rigid Vent3 - Ridge Vent


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does anyone has experience with that system?

im thinking about installing that on my roof since i have not a single attic fan...that will help cooling the house too.




( one box ) 40' of Cobra Rigid Vent3 exhaust vent replaces

18 conventional roof vents or

10 metal turbine roof vents


i think thats pretty impressive






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The biggest thing is you should get some ventilation up on that roof asap. It's crazy the roofers didn't put anything in when they did the roof. I think when I had my roof redone the said the calculations required me to get 2 more vents'

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yeah thats definitely a must have....i just have to buy some more shingles for the roof that i can cap it off after i installed the ridge vents.

right now the roofer used some thicker roof cappings, that might not work with the ridge vent....so i just go with the shingles

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im thinking about the 


ridge runner




Rigid Vent 3



now i just have to find a supplier where i can buy it....

GAF says HomeDepot sells it, but i really cant find that stuff their site....maybe i just have to call the hotline or so

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You really want to use a hip and ridge shingle. http://www.gaf.com/Roofing/Residential/Products/Ridge_Cap_Shingles

I use the Timbertex mostly, they are just 2 layers thick and give better protection and a little nicer look imo, each piece also covers 8" vs 5" for 3 tab.. one bundle covers 20lf.

I have also used the Seal-a-ridge which is essentially a 3 tab shingle but is cut to be used as cap and provides more exposure of the cap shingle.. around 6.6" vs about 5" I think each bundle covers 25lf

3 tab shingles end up being cut narrower on the exposed section where as cap shingles are full width on the exposed section and narrower where they overlap

also you will need to cut the 3 tab shingles where as the cap shingles are perforated so you can just break the pieces apart the same size everytime

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i seen people on youtube just cutting the 3 tab shingles and the install them ontop of the ridge vent.

now i just have to find the right brand and color our roofer used here

ive seen two dudes kiss on youtube.. doesnt mean im im going to run out and do it!  haha   


ok, so you case is not quite as extreme, lol.. 3 tab shingles will work its just a slightly more ghetto way of doing things.   i dont know the price difference between 3 tab and seal-a-ridge off the top of my head but i imagine they are almost the same.. not enough to make a difference.   the cap shingles will just make you life a little easier. 


in the picture the red line represents the incorrect way to cut a 3 tab for a cap shingle. if you cut them there, each next overlapping pieces exposed section will be narrower than the piece you are trying to overlap (not sure if that is clear but bottom line is it will not look right.)  you have to make 2 angled cuts per tab (green line)  starting at the straight section of the tab just before the radius near the middle of the shingle.  this way, the exposed section is wider than the section that will be overlapped.

pre made cap shingles are cut opposite of 3 tab and eliminate all that hassle.. 



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im going to call 2 companies in my area, the first is 1h away and the other 1:20h or so and i hope they have the cobra stuff in stock.

i want to have that on the roof before the solar panels.

i dont wanna cut the ridge after the solar panels are installed because of all the saw dust. gonna be a mess to have that on the panels lol

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