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So I'm in the process of cleaning out my garage to set up a wood shop and one of my ideas is to get an MFT/3 table for my DeWalt track saw to do cross cuts of larger stock. But I can't bring myself to spend $600+ dollars. Does anyone know of a custom setup that someone has built to get reproducible 90 degree cross cuts?

The DeWalt saw fits a Festool track so it would be compatible. I love the hinged bracket on the table to get a fast setup and cut each and every time.

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Another thing you can do is check out ebay or Craigslist for the older style mft 1080 (close to the same size as the mft3) or the smaller mft 800 (closer to the size of the mft kapex)

the tables are excellent for using as a cross cut setup.. also clamping posibilities are endless

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I came across some great ideas on FOG and YouTube. So I've decided to custom build one. I found a very reasonable shop in Houston with a CNC router. I drew up a preliminary plan for a MFT top laid out to imperial measurements and will probably begin building next week. I'm planning to have it somewhere around 32" x 96".

So, if anyone in the Houston area wants a MFT Top, I'll tell you a 32" x 96" sheet all routed out is far less that a Standard MFT/3 Top from Festool. <$100 vs $150+

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Almost anything you want or need for woodworking can be made yourself for a fraction of the price. A good website that is pretty funny too is called  "Stumpy Nubs" www.stumpynubs.com He is one of the best at making wood working jigs. Check it out  

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