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now shipping UK/Germany DeWALT DCF620 drywall gun and feeder


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well in Germany we have the 

"Akku Plus" program (means they just now started selling bare tools more or less in a TSTAK)



any of the 20 cordless 18v (20Vmax) tools NOW comes in a TSTAK Box (most are TSTAK II) with a specific tool inlay (hard plastic)


so they did away with the foam inlay for tools

I''ll try to post a picture on Tuesday of the dcf620 including feeder in a TSTAK II case



BUT no idea what will happen in USA !  : I assume bags !!!!




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oh, forgot

I think there was worldwide only 5-7 soldiers that were more than 29 years with special forces

A bit proud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyway, let's get back to tool talk


Dewalt no rebranded all the powers fasters stuff no with Dewalt label


Does that include screws?

I know they have certain types of fasteners, but regular wood screws wasn't one of them.

Collated screws also? (for their new DCF620)


You mean these cases for the Akku Plus program?




I thought these were to slowly replace the regular toughcases (kitbox)

They are T-stak compatible.

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