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So if you had a CNC what would you make?


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I've been strangely mesmerized watching Dan make some nice signs on his X-Carve. I think after the X-Carve gets dialed in the possibilities are endless and much more complicated . Some cool things I've come across are:

A jig saw puzzle loader toy:


A cool kerf chair:


Maybe a tool box or even custom tool organizers for the old toolbox.

What would you guys make?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been sucked in by the late night CNC carving petiscopes. I think I would see how it would work for carving contours on guitar bodies. Might be able to get some shapes that would otherwise take me along time to do by hand. I would probably also use it to make inappropriate signs!

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Before I jumped into the world of Information Systems. I used to do 3 and 5 axis programming on machining centers up in the Northeast. If the jobs were more like this I would have stayed in the field, but doing programming on Medical and Areospace I became burnt out pretty quick.

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I would probably use it to make as many commonly used jigs I could think of that I would need while woodworking. It'd be amazing to have a machine that was precise where you know your jig as dead nuts.

Yeah even if you simply made a workbench top with precision holes drilled for dogs etc. you'd know it was dead true every way and make building stuff a lot simpler. I'm hand assembling lots of complicated Victorian trim and I can't believe how guys did this stuff 100 years ago by hand..

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I wish I did have a CNC. I design all the time. I use AutoCAD,Solidworks, Sketch-up, etc. Most of what I would do is build circuit boards. You can rout a copper board and use it to prototype designs. Not as nice are professional built PCB's but they do have a fast turn-around. I even worked for a company called K2CNC. I developed some of the electronic control systems.     This was in my office



I have a few other non-PCB related projects I can post. I designed and built a learning toy. Digital Logic Gates, robots, keychains, multitools, Cats .. ..



My grandfather is a retired finished carpenter and I grew up building with him. I remember when I learned to use a scroll-saw. I made 100's of cats. The kind that sit on the edge of a door. Well, last year I was able to use a laser cutter and replicate the same cats but in black ABS. They look great and he loved them.



I helped a guy with a guitar project. We laminated multi-color wood together and carved a guitar body, the results were amazing .. rainbow guitar. Unfortunately i only have this photo of the test cut. but check out this pro version. same end results.




One of the cooler project. .. We wanted to demo a large CNC so we made an 'almost life-sized' han solo in carbonite. Carved from a foam block and painted to look like metal. 


lots of CNC for my tornado project. I prototyped the lid out of wood then cut it from metal on the waterjet. 16 hour cut but the thing looks solid!



and one last example of some electronic equipment. I used Solidworks to model the unit then a combination of fabrication methods, including CNC.



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What happens between Dan and life-sized-Eric-cutout stays in Dan's garage. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Also this coming from the guy who wants to be alone in the wilderness with his Milwaukee hammer drill with the chuck he's always sticking things in? :P

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