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The New M18 Force Logic Crimper Cutter


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I would use it, I sure get a good workout using ratchet cutters and a heavy ass Greenlee hydraulic crimper. I know these tools are pricey but I wasn't expecting 3 thousand dollars for a tool which outer shell is plastic. Definitely need to try a demo for awhile before buying, my utility company is so cheap that they use split bolts to tie in power. Its not a small company either one of the utility guys the other day told me that his hardhat came from a dead guy. I don't want to know how he died I didn't ask hopefully it wasn't work related. Getting electrocuted being a sparky is one of my biggest fears, yea I get shocked all the time its just part of the job but I never want to go out that way. I just don't understand how a utility company doesn't have a crimper and I have one and I'm not using it everyday but they would use it everyday. Oh well more work for the both of use because the split bolts fail all the time and burn things up. 

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These are really limited by the heads Milwaukee markets.  From the looks of the demos with a normal bolt cutter style head on these could do more than a set of 48" bolt cutters.  Seems like a marketing flop not to release this with other head options that would make it more versatile and useful to more people.

That would be an expensive pair of bolt cutters....

With the price of this tool, I think it makes sense to market it towards electric companies.

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