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Basement Shop Revised........


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well here is a few shots of my little basement shop, although not completely cleaned up I figured I would show you what I have so far....

because of the nature of the space I have set up everything on wheels so I can bring it to what I call the suction station.....I know there is a downfall to this that I can not have more than one tool going at a time but I am only one guy so it kinda works.


as you can see in the last pic I have much to do on the one side as for cleaning and organizing and is getting there....











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thanks guys, one good thing going for it is that it does have a ground level private entrance for bringing in supplies and such not carrying stuff through the house....still got lots to do to set it up. I want to try to have everything exposed somehow on the wall or in open view. i'm tired of having stuff tucked away in a box or container and rushing out and buying something I have 4 of because I forgot I had some.....done that a few times.....

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I felt that way when I first started, seems like hours of moving things and it doesn't look any different ......time consuming for sure.....but it's finally starting to take shape......some day I might actually start a project

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Dude, may the shop Gods keep you on track, safe and with little to no back pain!

I hear you about the time thing. How long is mine going on now? Have you moved something over and though a week or a mo th later..."nah, I gotta move that over here" ? Drives me nuts! Looking good though Comp!

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