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Cordless 18 V Router?


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I too belive it would be possible to make. At least in the small range, to trim edges and stuff. Problem is not torque, but power (watt's).


It is battery-power's weakest point. Brushless DC motors can exert a lot of torque, and use this fact to weigh up for the usually lower wattage (power). Thats probably why you rarely see producers that print or specify the power of the motor. Only torque in some cases. 


AC / universal motors on AC can easily and relativly cheaply be scaled up to a larger motor. They have (to a point) not the same current restrictions, and doesn't have to care about weight in the same maner (becouse it doesn't have to get a larger battery pack that weighs it down).  And since a router is essensially just a huge motor with a router bit in the end, there is very little places that a battery can be placed without an awkward placement, and few other areas to shave of more weight, except the motor.


And since routers doesn't need need the high torque advantage. They need a combination of mediocre torque and fairly high RPM. In other words, just a lot of watts. The highest specified motor power output in drill's is in the range of 650W, which is fairly close to a small trim router. Would be close or equal to a AC-motor with around 1000W input power.  


And to make matters worse, the load is almost constant in that kind of work. Not short runs and short breaks in between, which mean it's gonna drain the battery quick as hell. Just like a battery-operated vacuum.

An 5 Ah 18V battery would probably be drained in practically 5-6 minuttes. Given the high power needed. 

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