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REVIEW: Ridgid 12V 2-speed drill/driver and impact driver combo model R9000K


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If you are reading this review chances are you have been in a Home depot hardware store, considering they have over 2,200 Home Depots stores world wide there is a good chance there is one near you.

While you have been in one of these stores you will notice an orange glow to it.....this being the store's theme color they conveniently sell ridgid tools. Today we are going to take a close look at one of their offerings in the 12V line, the 12V 2-speed drill/driver and impact driver combo model R9000K.


When you look at the box it has graphics that are unmistakable, it clearly shows the tools within.


once the box is open you will find a carry bag that can fit the entire kit, a zipper along the top keeps the bag securely closed and carry handles for mobility.

opening the bag you will see how they managed to fit everything that comes with the kit. which would include the following:

Warranty forms


manuals for drill/impact/charger


1-4.0 high capacity lithium ion battery

1-2.0 lithium ion battery

12v impact driver R82230

12v drill driver R82005 

tool belt clips x2

philips bit x1







Now that we have everything out in the open lets take a closer look at the charger, as you can see it has a single charging port with indicator lights that clearly tell you what state your battery is in.

the charger can be left sitting on a work bench or can be screwed to the wall.








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Lets get down to the nitty gritty, the drill driver, you can notice it plainly has the Ridgid name along the side, it comes in the standard pistol grip style drill pretty much like all other drills. looking at the front you will find a single LED light for darker work and conveniently comes on from a touch of the trigger. The light will stay on for about 10 seconds after the trigger is released as well.

the drill comes with a 2 speed gear system that gives you 2 different power settings, the key-less chuck although not visibly clear has lock and unlock indicators molded into the casing itself. Just behind this closer to your hand while hold it in the upright position you will find a clutch ring, this ring will vary from straight on drill mode to an optional settings os 1 to 17. Front and back of the handle is covered in a non-slip rubberized material that Ridgid calls Hex Grip, forward and reverse options are found in a toggle type slide button just level with the top of your hand while holding it as well. This button can be also put in a neutral position that will lock the drill from turning on by accident.





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Let's look at what is going to power this combo kit, the batteries, the kit comes with 2 different capacity leveled batteries 1 which is the LI lithium ion hyper 4.0 that has a wider base, this base allows the tools to somewhat stand on it's own. Adding approx. a third of a pound this battery will out last the second battery that come with the kit which is the 2.0 of the same name. This battery is formed the same shape as the handle so when installed it looks like an extension of the handle. they both have a button for quick release so  changing out a battery is done very easily. I notice there is not any kind of battery level indication other than the LED light will flash to inform you a recharge is needed.








As mentioned before this kit also is provided with an impact driver, the driver itself is very close in appearance to the drill aside from some obvious differences, first off the impact has a knurled collet on the front side that excepts hex bits, the quick lock holds the bits secure while driving. the same LED,pistol grip, and trigger buttons,forward,reverse and lock buttons are all present as with the drill. As you can see the drill and impact driver are very close in appearance
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According to the specs printed on the box the impact drill boasts a full 1,100 in.lbs of torque output and the drill driver with it's 2 speed transmission delivers up to 400in, lbs of torque. The Drill excepts up to 3/8" drill bits and possess a single sleeve chuck. With the included batteries you can get up to 4X the runtime of the competition. With free registration, this tool is covered for life. Free Batteries. Free Parts. Free Service. For Life


Thoughts and Conclusion:


Well after a close look at the combo kit Ridgid has put together calling it the R9000K you will get a little of both worlds, the ability to use the tools in many different scenarios. For a price point of anywhere from $149 to as low as $89 ( when on sale) this kit delivers a great value. let's face it your not going to rush out and buy this kit and quit your day job to go into contracting but you also can not rule it out if you are a pro contractor already. When testing both the drill and the impact I disregarded the specs and just put it to work. Will you build your 24' x 36' deck with all the fixings in a short weekend with this kit not likely but you will be able to drive 3" decks screws and anything within that range. Slap a bracket up or hang a picture, good all round home owner kit. I can see this kit coming in handy for smaller light weight jobs and especially for tight less desirable application. So whether you are a 6'6" 285 LBS full grown pro contractor or a 105 LBS housewife this will fit the bill for lighter jobs around the house or on the job site. If you are looking for top rate performers in a drill impact kit there are other options. 

Price = 7.5/10

Fit and Finish = 9/10

Power and Battery life = 6.5/10

overall score 7.5
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I have this same kit and yes it stays in my truck mostly because I also keep the jobmax there too and they feed the same batteries so its smart. I would much rather use my Bosch 12v but I keep my m18's for the job site ..... All in all for the price point this ridgid set works really well and will work for just about everything. Only downside is its a very long set. Meaning tight spaces may be tricky

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